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This Chatroom is dedicated to Glena Marshall for all she has done for those stricken with breast cancer. For newbies, Glena was the decade old Moderator of this Chatroom. We are sorry she can't be here to guide and comfort you, but had a greater calling.

The chat room is a Java applet and the MOST important thing is for wait for the applet to load. Lindaj and Karen are the chatroom moderators (red pawns, where others are blue pawns). The chatroom is usually most active in the evenings, but is available 24 hrs. a day/ 7 days a week. Please do not leave a telephone number, Facebook, ID, nor email address in chat. This is for your protection. Thank you.

This chat room WILL require you to download the newest version of Java, from Sun Microsystems. It is safe. Click here to get the latest version. No password is required for the chat room. Just type in your name where it says "username" and click the login box. It might require you to hit it twice!

Meeting Place for Survivors Chat Room

Java Chat Software

Please Note: The most common mistake that people have in not being able to access a chat room is that they are impatient and do not let the previous page load to completion. To make the chat room almost full screen size, click "detach" at the bottom of the chat room (once you access it). Then click the maximize box in the upper right had corner between the minimize and X boxes. Your chat screen will be twice the orginal size. When there are more than six or seven person chatting at the same time this is highly recommended.


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